No matter how simple you consider your affairs to be, everyone should have a Will. It makes life easier for the ones you leave behind.
If your affairs really are simple, we will keep it simple too.
Your Will is tailor made to your requirements.
You should definitely make a Will if any of the following apply to you:

  • You have children under 18 and want to appoint a Guardian
  • You want your assets to go to beneficiaries of your choice
  • You want to reduce the Inheritance Tax payable
  • You have a business
  • You want to choose who carries out your wishes in your Will
  • You are not married and are living with your Partner
  • You wish to safeguard your assets by setting up a Trust
  • You are married and the assets in your sole name exceed the Nil Rate Band for Inheritance Tax purposes (currently £325,000).

We will work with you to create a professional Will that will give you peace of mind.

We have the expertise to advise you on your potential Inheritance Tax liability and how best to structure and deal with your assets, both during your lifetime, and on death via your Will, to make the most of the tax-saving opportunities available to you.

Specialist in drawing up Wills, Julie West Solicitor in Surrey

If you wish we will store your Will for you securely.

And because we are a very small practice, confidentiality is assured.