Julie West Solicitor can advise on and deal with the administration of estates after death. The process varies depending upon whether the deceased left a legally valid Will. If there is no valid Will this is referred to as Intestacy and the intestacy rules determine how the assets are distributed. This may not be as you wish.

We will work with you to:

  • Ensure that the correct amount of Inheritance Tax is paid promptly so you don't incur financial penalties
  • Claim all the assets (including any foreign assets) and settle any debts promptly
  • Ensure the assets are distributed in accordance with a legally valid Will or intestacy rules
  • Explain the best way of dealing with any Trusts created in the Will or under the intestacy rules
  • Advise you on whether a Deed of Variation is appropriate to reduce any Inheritance Tax that may otherwise be payable.

We will provide help, support and advice during what can be a difficult time.

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Probate specialist, Julie West Solicitor in Surrey