Unregistered Land

Unregistered land is uncommon these days and some solicitors have never come across it, but at Julie West Solicitor we are experienced at dealing with unregistered titles and we rather enjoy the challenge.

Registered Land

Most land in England and Wales is registered with the Land Registry. The information the Land Registry holds shows the name and address of the current owner of the property, and is conclusive as to most issues such as mortgages, other financial charges or restrictions, or rights associated with the land. The Land Registry guarantees the title to the property. It is possible to search against registered land to find out who owns it.

Unregistered Land

Some pieces of land in England and Wales are still not registered with the Land Registry because the process of registration that started in 1925 has been gradual and is not yet complete. It is difficult, and often impossible to find out who owns land that is unregistered, because there is no public record of ownership.

The legal title to unregistered land can sometimes be quite complicated and involves looking at historic title documents to make sure that on a change of ownership the title can be registered at the Land Registry with guaranteed title.

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