Lenders have stringent legal procedures that can make borrowing money to finance your purchase an uphill struggle. You will need to allow plenty of time and we recommend that you follow up every stage of your mortgage application regularly, to avoid delays.

Your lender will appoint a conveyancer; lenders want to be sure that if they ever have to repossess a property, they will be able to sell the property without any difficulty. The mortgage must be registered with the Land Registry immediately after completion has taken place, which we will usually deal with.

Separate or joint representation 
or - worst case - no representation at all?

There are many sources of mortgage finance. Lenders increasingly diverge on how best to put their mortgages in place. Some like having their own solicitor, others will use your solicitor; others adopt particular criteria when deciding whether or not they will instruct your solicitor. It is very confusing for everyone involved. The following guide may help:

Mortgage lenders, Coneyancers and Solicitors in Surrey