Equity Release

What is an Equity Release Scheme?

Equity release schemes – sometimes known as home income plans – enable home owners aged 55 or older to unlock some of the wealth they own in bricks and mortar. The scheme provider will release a capital sum taking a mortgage on your property in return. No interest or capital is paid until after the borrowers pass away or move home, whichever first occurs. The borrowers may remain in their home for life and the repayment amount may not exceed the value of the property – the so called “no negative equity guarantee”.

Julie West Solicitor is one of a limited number of solicitors that operates within the equity release sector providing independent expert legal advice to those wishing to release equity from their home.

We have acted for many clients entering into equity release; we take time to make sure that each client understands the significance of their chosen scheme as recommended by a financial adviser.

We only charge for the work we do. If you decide not to proceed our fees will reflect only work done up to that point. We choose not to work on a “no completion no fee” basis. We believe this gives you confidence that our advice will be truly independent, knowing that our fee does not depend on you completing an equity release plan.

It’s very easy to instruct Julie West Solicitor, whether you are a client or a financial adviser, acting on behalf of the client. Using the Instruct/Enquire button below will ensure that you provide the information that we need to start work.

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