Leasehold Management

Leasehold Management: remedies for badly managed developments

Landlords come in all shapes and sizes. A landlord may be a company or an individual. Some developments are professionally managed, others not.

A badly managed development may cause properties to lose their value whereas in a properly managed development properties are more likely to hold their value.

If you are a leaseholder and you are unhappy about the way the development is being managed we can advise you on the remedies available to you. This may include applying for a court order to enable you or someone you and the other leaseholders appoint to take over responsibility for managing the development.

Leaseholders have the right collectively to buy the freehold from the landlord in certain circumstances. We can advise you on this and handle the conveyancing.

Whether you are a landlord or a leaseholder, if you need advice on any aspect of your role please get in touch. We are here to help.

Leasehold Management: acting for Residents' Management Companies

Residents may be required under the terms of their lease to effectively act as landlords by running a resident’s management company. You and the other residents will have responsibility for dealing with insurance, maintenance and repairs of the building and grounds, and you'll be a director and shareholder of the company. Chances are you have little or no experience of such matters, and perhaps even less confidence!

We can advise you on your responsibilities under the terms of the lease and help you to fulfil your role.

Getting involved with the management of your development is one of the best steps you can take to protect the value of your investment. It means you can ensure things are done properly.

Leasehold Management specialist Solicitors

Leasehold Management: acting for Landlords

Landlords need ongoing advice, not just at the time they take up their duties. We can advise Landlords on their responsibilities and we can assist with the legal formalities a Landlord needs to deal with when a lease changes hands. Typically this can include

  • registering details of any change of ownership and any mortgage,
  • arranging the transfer of any share in a residents company,
  • preparing and concluding deeds of covenant with a new owner if required and
  • supplying information regarding title or management issues.

We can advise you on your remedies if a lessee breaches the terms of the lease. We can also advise you on how to vary any terms in the leasehold scheme that may be no longer fit for purpose.

If a leaseholder is looking to extend the lease we can advise you on the law and procedure as well as drawing up the necessary documentation.