Commercial Property Development

Development and planning

We should be pleased to act in relation to land acquisition and subsequent development.

We can provide advice on property conversion and re-sale, for example if you were to convert a house into several flats, and also in preparing and completing legal agreements required under the Community infrastructure levy.

Options and Overage

If someone is interested in buying your land for development and asks you to enter into an option agreement please get in touch. We can advise you on the procedure, and negotiate the documentation.

Likewise if you are thinking of selling your property but wish to reserve the right to claim more money if in future the land is developed, we can help. Overage payments take many forms and we advise you on how best to structure the deal.

Restrictive covenants, Licences, Easements and other rights

If you are selling part of your land and wish to impose restrictions on what the land may be used for in future, we can advise on the documentation required.

Commercial Property Development conveyancing in Surrey

We can also handle licences for someone to have access to your land for a limited or temporary purpose, and deal with granting or taking an easement, or right of way, or wayleave, for example in relation to services or telephone masts.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please ask.